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Caring for your Bra

To prevent the wires coming out of your bra
Normally there are two causes:

  1. The bra has been machine washed or placed in a dryer causing pressure on a very delicate garment. This will cause buckling, stretching and pulling out of shape. A bra should be hand-washed or placed in a laundry bag when machine washed
  2. You may be wearing the wrong size. Size fluctuations can be frequent; therefore it is important to be fitted at least once a year or you can use the bra calculator on the Fit Finder page.

To prevent the enamel paint coming off the rings, hooks or eyes
This often indicates that the bra has been subjected to excessive heat i.e. a dryer. At no time should a bra be placed in a tumble dryer, it should always be allowed to dry naturally in the shade.

To stop the fabric, straps or elastic perishing or discolouring
This usually indicates that the bra has been subjected to washes in bleach, excessive hot water and/or put in a dryer, resulting in deterioration of the fabric and/or loss of elasticity of the straps. Care instructions should be followed to avoid this occurrence.



How do I contact you?
Hestia Customer Service can be contacted at :

190 Dunmore Street,
Wentworthville NSW 2145,
Email : info@hestia.com.au
Phone 1800 645 045.

What stores carry Hestia products?
Hestia products can be purchased through Kmart and Big W stores.

Why can’t I find the colour I want in store?
We produce a limited number of seasonal fashion colours across our styles. Unfortunately not all stores carry all colours. If you are looking for something in particular please contact Customer Service, their details are located above and on the contact us page.

How do I locate the style number of a bra?
Inside each Hestia garment there is a printed label. Located on the label is a 5-6 digit style number which can be used to Enquire about the products you are interested in and where you can purchase them.



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